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1. National People's Congress 全國人民代表大會
2. the global financial crisis  國際經融危機
3. Government revenue  公共財政收入
4. Grain output  糧食產量
5. The per capita disposable/net income of urban residents 城鎮居民人均可支配/純收入
6. socialism with Chinese characteristics 中國特色社會主義事業
7. the Twelfth Five-Year Plan “十二五”規劃
8. increase domestic demand 擴大內需
9. implemented a comprehensive package plan 全面實施一攬子計劃
10. government-subsidized housing 保障性住房
11. transporting natural gas 西氣東輸
12. electricity from the west to the east 西電東送
13. diverting water from the south to the north 南水北調
14. grip on the real estate market 房地產市場調控
15. China's modernization 中國現代化
16. Surplus 順差
17. value-added of the service sector 服務業增加值
18. conserving energy, reducing emissions 節能減排
19. the large-scale development of the western region 西部大開發
20. agriculture, rural areas and farmers 三農
21. overall rural reform 農村綜合改革
22. free nine-year compulsory education universal 九年義務教育
23. Innovation 自主創新
24. state-owned for-profit institutions 國有經營機構
25. non-profit公益性
26. intangible cultural heritage 非物質文化遺產保護
27. improve their well-being 改善民生
28. old-age insurance system 養老保險
29. self-governance 自治
30. budgets for public finances, government-managed funds, state capital operations and social security funds公共財政預算、政府性基金預算、國有資本經營預算、社會保險基金預算
31. rural credit cooperatives 農村信用社


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